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SlantNews Accolade

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Slantnews.com 2nd Accolade for same story

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Children's Book

A link to buy The Man with the Glow on Amazon.com

Targum Press, 1/1/18 https://www.amazon.c ... h+the+glow

Chaim is stuck in the middle of nowhere. It's Thursday night, and he has no kosher food. How will he eat on Shabbos? When a mysterious man with a glow appears, Chaim is left with a tale that can only be described one way -- miraculous.


A link to buy The Man with the Glow on the Targum Press website


A link to buy The Man with the Glow on the Hamafitz store website


Sports Articles

Brooklyn Nets should hire Becky Hammon as next head coach

empirewritesback.com, 4/15/16 http://empirewritesb ... ead-coach/

Brooklyn Nets should follow the Boston Celtics’ model when hiring their next Head Coach

empirewritesback.com, 3/24/2016 http://empirewritesb ... ead-coach/

New York Giants complete coaching staff

empirewritesback.com, 2/17/2016 http://empirewritesb ... ing-staff/

New York Giants: Justin Tuck Reminds Us Defense Wins Championships

empirewritesback.com, 2/2/2016 http://empirewritesb ... pionships/

New York Giants: A Dark Horse Candidate For Head Coach

empirewritesback.com, 1/5/2016 http://empirewritesb ... ead-coach/

New York Rangers win in Brady Skjei’s NHL debut

empirewritesback.com, 12/16/2015 http://empirewritesb ... nhl-debut/

New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders Preview

empirewritesback.com, 12/2/2015 http://empirewritesb ... s-preview/

New York Jets Need to Draft a Franchise Quarterback

empirewritesback.com, 11/24/2015 http://empirewritesb ... nchise-qb/

New York Mets: Where’s Wally Backman?

empirewritesback.com, 11/17/2015 http://empirewritesb ... y-backman/

New York Giants: 2015 Has Been a Roller Coaster Ride

empirewritesback.com, 11/3/2015 http://empirewritesb ... ster-ride/

New York Mets: Reactions to World Series Rotation

empirewritesback.com, 10/25/2015 http://empirewritesb ... -rotation/

New York Mets: NLDS Game 2 Reactions

empirewritesback.com, 10/11/2015 http://empirewritesb ... reactions/

Yom Kippur’s historical impact on the game of baseball

empirewritesback.com, 9/22/2015 http://empirewritesb ... -baseball/

New York Giants: Five Predictions for the 2015 Season

empirewritesback.com, 9/11/2015 http://empirewritesb ... fl-season/

New York Giants: Let Eli Manning Walk

empirewritesback.com, 9/2/2015 http://empirewritesb ... ning-walk/

New York Mets: A Terry Merry Season has the Mets in first place

empirewritesback.com, 8/25/2015 http://empirewritesb ... rst-place/

New York Mets: Top Ten most impactful trades in past twenty years

empirewritesback.com, 8/14/2015 http://empirewritesb ... nty-years/

New York Mets: Five Predictions for the 2nd half of the season

empirewritesback.com, 7/17/2015 http://empirewritesb ... lf-season/

New York Rangers: What is Glen Sather’s legacy as GM?

empirewritesback.com, 7/6/2015 http://empirewritesb ... acy-as-gm/

New York Mets: Generation K or Generation Nay?

empirewritesback.com, 6/29/2015 http://empirewritesb ... ation-nay/

New York Giants: David Wilson’s life lesson

empirewritesback.com, 6/21/2015 http://empirewritesb ... fe-lesson/

MLB Draft: What can MLB do to improve draft buzz?

empirewritesback.com, 6/11/2015 http://MLB Draft: Wh ... raft buzz?

New York Knicks: Time For Phil Jackson To Make His Mark

empirewritesback.com, 6/2/2015 http://New York Knic ... e His Mark

New York Mets should not trade pitching for offense

empirewritesback.com, 5/17/2015 http://New York Mets ... or offense

New York Giants surprise many by drafting offensive lineman Ereck Flowers

empirewritesback.com, 4/30/2015 http://New York Gian ... ck Flowers

New York Giants Three-Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft

empirewritesback.com, 4/28/2015 http://empirewritesb ... ock-draft/

New York Giants: Past trends could give clues for upcoming 2015 NFL Draft

empirewritesback.com, 4/27/2015 http://New York Gian ... NFL Draft

New York Giants Trade Options For 2015 NFL Draft

empirewritesback.com, 4/19/2015 http://New York Gian ... NFL Draft

New York Yankees: 5 Predictions For The 2015 Season

empirewritesback.com, 4/2/2015 http://New York Yank ... 015 Season

New York Mets: Five Predictions for the 2015 Season

empirewritesback.com, 4/1/2015 http://empirewritesb ... 15-season/

Brooklyn Nets have a poor outlook from trade with Boston Celtics

empirewritesback.com, 3/24/2015 http://empirewritesb ... n-celtics/

New York Jets: If Marcus Mariota Is Available He Is Their Man

empirewritesback.com, 3/22/2015 http://empirewritesb ... their-man/

New York Knicks should not fire Coach Derek Fisher

empirewritesback.com, 3/16/2015 http://New York Knic ... rek Fisher

New York Giants should target guard Mike Iupati this offseason

empirewritesback.com, 2/27/2015 http://empirewritesb ... offseason/

New York Rangers are built to last with young talent

empirewritesback.com, 2/20/2015 http://empirewritesb ... ng-talent/


10 Types of Camera Bags and What to Ask Before Buying Them

B&H Photo, 11/20/17 https://www.bhphotov ... uying-them

Net Neutrality Repeal: Why History Shows us this is a Bad Policy

medium.com, 12/14/17 https://medium.com/@ ... 2e310dc1fb

My feelings on #takeaknee

Medium.com, 9/25/17 https://medium.com/@ ... 43b4c8a877

Michele Bachmann wants to convert as many Jews to Christianity as possible

PDF, 11/10/15


This Holiday Season Shop for Yourself

PDF, 11/18/15


Brooklyn Daily Eagle Archives

News and Photo Archives

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1999-2000


Front Page Photos

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1999-2000


Front Page Photos #2

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 6/30/2000

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Full Page Articles and Photos Archives

Cross Country Photos and Captions

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 11/22/00


Tisha B'Av: Solemn Jewish Day Marks Time for Rebuilding

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 8/10/00


Area Youths Enjoy Summer in the Sun With the 78th Precinct

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 7/21/00


Riding Over the Williamsburg Bridge: A Mixed Bag

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 7/17/00


Take Me Out of the Ballgame

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 7/12/00


Packer Cross-Country Sparkles in Independent School Championships

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 11/26/99


Brooklyn Kids Get Down and Dirty at Coney Island Contest

Brooklyn Daily Eagles, 9/2/99


A Salute to Our Captain

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 8/25/99


'Harmony Picnic' Hosted by 84th Precinct At Commodore Barry Park; Safir Attends

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 8/13/99


The 'Honor Rose' To Grow in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 8/12/99


A Life at Nathan's: Bernard Nadrich Saw History in the Making at Coney

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 8/6/99


Bicyle-Riding Through Brooklyn

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 7/20/99


Publications when I served as Editor

Learning Differences Newsletter

Packer Collegiate Institute Panorama, June 2002



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